Sorting the Safety from the Myths About Raw Milk


Much is said about the safety of raw milk--milk in its natural, un-homogenized, unpasteurized form. It can be difficult for consumers to know just how safe raw milk really is. What's more, along the way much information is lost about the losses to nutrition and digestibility of processed milk. 


Here to help you sort through the hype are resources we deem reliable and qualified to give you accurate information regarding the safety of raw milk and raw milk products. We hope you find these resources helpful and that they help you to answer any questions you may have about raw milk, its safety, healthfulness, and the benefits of drinking raw milk. 


To learn more about how safe raw milk is, please peruse these resources. 

The Miracle of Milk, by Bernarr MacFadden

The Untold Story of Milk, by Ron Schmid

Raw Milk Resource Guide
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Raw Milk Use and Safety: A Factsheet

10 Things You Should Know About Raw Milk



NOFA/Mass Includes a list of Massachusetts dairies that sell raw milk.

Raw Milk Facts

Weston A. Price Foundation