The perfect way to stock up on our raw-milk certified organic cheeses! 


Our Pasture Perfect Sampler Pack includes one handcut, 8-ounce wedge of each of our four in-stock cheeses. You will receive:

  • One 8 oz. wedge of Prescott
  • One 8 oz. wedge of Hardwick Stone
  • One 8 oz. wedge of A Barndance
  • One 8 oz. wedge of our Signature Robinson Family Swiss


These are great packs to order for cheese boards, entertaining, gift-giving, or just to have a variety of delicious cheeses on hand! 


Wedges are cut to order and vacuum-packed, and will last many, many weeks (months, actually!) when properly handled. All cheeses come with a "best by" date and unopened wedges will last a month beyond that date. Even opened, tightly re-wrapped wedges will last a month after the "best by" date. 


Order your organic raw milk cheese sampler pack today and experience all the best tastes of the farm. Orders ship daily Monday through Thursday, arriving within one to two days, right to your door!!

Pasture Perfect Sampler Pack


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