Arpeggio (ar-peh-joe)

Aged 2-3 months

In music, Arpeggio means playing all the notes of a chord in rapid succession. We liken our Arppegio to savoring the aroma and flavor notes of the terrior in one bite. It is a hyrid of a bloomy & washed rind cheese.  Strong aroma, beautiful finish, soft and spreadable when warm.  Some say the flavor is between a Brie and a Tallegio.

Pairs well with fruit, white & red wine, dark beer & stands alone on a cheese platter.




  • QUANTITY: 1/2 pound pieces

    Cheese arrives vacuum packed with a "best by" date. Cheese should last a month beyond this date if tightly re-wrapped in plastic wrap or cheese paper, weekly. All pieces are approximately 8 oz. or 1/2 pound.


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