Our Mission:

In our time as stewards of this land, we strive to maintain sustainable, organic, humane agricultural practices that are in tune with the seasonal rhythms of the farm.


Robinson Farm is certified organic, 100% grass fed and a diversified dairy located in Hardwick, MA. The farm is a 5th generation farm in operation since 1892. Pamela & Ray Robinson, Jr. currently operate the farm. We are designated a MA Century Farm and are certified by Baystate Organic Certifiers.


We are a farmstead operation, which means that we grow all of our feed, graze our cows on our pastures, raise our own replacement heifers and use only our milk for our cheese. Since 2010, we have been producing a variety of raw milk, farmstead cheeses which are aged with love in our on-site 'caves'. We began with the Robinson Family Swiss and from there we added three European, alpine style cheeses, Tekenink Tomme, A Barndance & Prescott. Our Hardwick Stone, a Brick style cheese was developed from an 1870's family recipe. Our newest and very popular offering, Arpeggio, is a hybrid bloomy rind style cheese. It is the first soft cheese in our catalog. We truly enjoy the pursuit of crafting traditional style cheese. We adhere to best practices and abide by the highest production standards.

We are founding members of the MA Cheese Guild and we truly appreciate all the local support and interest in the cheeses we craft. Our cheese has won multiple awards from the American Cheese Society and the Eastern States Exposition, Gold Cheese Competition. We have retail and wholesale partners throughout the Northeast.

Our herd is a mix of Normandy, Jersey & Holstein-crossed cows. Our "girls" graze on our own mixed flora pastures and in turn make the milk that provides the mix of protein, volume & fat that we prefer for our cheese. They produce very tasty, creamy raw milk. The land on which the cows graze is reflected in the 'terroir' (local character) of our cheese.


We also have a small farm shop where we sell our cheese, raw milk, seasonal vegetables, eggs, pasture based beef & pork and a variety of local products.

-Robinson Farm


42 Jackson Rd., PO Box 94
Hardwick, MA 01037, USA

(413) 477-6988

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